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Kinetic Chain Release


Bring Your Body Back to Balance and Health

Some of the benefits of KCR include:

Allow your Body to Return to Balance

Gentle, Non-Invasive, Safe for All Ages

Relief from chronic Pain

Increased Energy Levels

Guaranteed Sports Improvement

Who can benefit from receiving KCR?

Everyone who is living in a physical body from the very young to the aged.

Why is KCR important?

It has a profound effect on the human body. When the physical body is brought into balance many existing and/or physical disabilities or discomforts simply disappear instantly. When performed on young children their bodies can develop in a balanced and healthy way preventing many physical discomforts later life.

What about performance?

Athletes from the everyday to the elite use the KCR protocol to significantly enhance performance and maintain their edge.


2 Leonach place


IV30 6JT


7 days - flexible

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